Monday, May 02, 2005

It's Coleman, Chris that is!

The City DFL has selected Chris Coleman as their standard bearer. Coleman edged out Ortega for the DFL endorsement. A little about Coleman:
Chris's roots in Saint Paul run deep. He is a lifelong Saint Paul resident, born in 1961 as one of six kids in a classic Saint Paul, Irish American Democratic family. His mom, Bridget, grew up on University and Farrington, raised the family and operated an Irish imports store. His dad, Nick, Sr., was born and raised in Frogtown and championed human rights, justice and progressive causes as Majority Leader of the Minnesota state senate.
Nick, Sr. is also the father of another noted Coleman, who writes a column for the local rag on the other side of the river.

I am still undecided on the race. The DFL endorsement hasn't been a successful stepping stone in St. Paul mayoral races. From the STRIB:
Coleman said he was humbled and would work "28 hours a day" to deliver a victory to the party, which hasn't seen its endorsed candidate win the mayor's race since 1989.
I have known Randy Kelly since the late 70's when I interned for then Brooklyn Center Legislator Bob Ellingson. His office was right next door to Kelly's, and allowed for opportunities to share insights. Kelly has changed much since then, and when he hopped on the Bush bandwagon last Summer, it was quite disappointing.

Randy will have to work awfully hard to convince me to support him in the upcoming election, I am a true undecided. However, if the election were held today, I would be more inclined to vote for Coleman. We'll have to see how the campaign unfolds.


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