Sunday, January 22, 2006

Hatch's Wink and a Nod

A reader sends in the following observation from the State Central Committee meeting:
when Mike got up to speak he started by telling us (paraphrased)

"When I proposed to my wife Patti, she told me she would think about it, It took her 5 years to finally say yes.."

Then he turned towards Patty Wetterling in the audience and said. something like.

"I am a very patient man Patty.."
That is the closest I have heard to anything resembling a Hatch/Wetterling ticket, but one never knows. I'd be curious if anyone else at the meeting may have caught this comment.

DFLSenate reports on Ford Bell's statement at the same meeting. I simply don't know why he thought those remarks added value to his candidacy. I know they have now made my decision much easier.


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