Friday, January 20, 2006

Rosie O'Grady's

I made it. Landed at EWR about 10:30 and was driving out of the airport with my rented G6 by 11:30. Got a GREAT tip to just hop on the 1/9 north and look for the Newport Mall . It worked out slick. We dumped off the car, took a $1.50 PATH train to NYC. Now I am sitting at Rosie's waiting for my thick juicy burger while sipping on a Foster's, just a mere block away from Time's square.

After lunch I'll be hopping on a subway to the Financial District to pay my respects at the World Trade Center site, and then back on a PATH train to the Mail for the 2 hour drive to Scranton, PA.

I did a quick scan of the Blogosphere regarding the Wetterling situation. It seems everyone is in agreement that she will drop out, but broad speculation regarding what will happen next. My sources have informed me that Mike Hatch does not have anything on his schedule that would allow for his presence at the Press conference, which means I doubt that there will be a Lt. Governor announcement. But I think the positive buzz that potential ticket has received, along with the message I posted yesterday regarding their collaboration on polling, would lead one to believe that is the more logical direction her campaign will take.

Of Course, I'll miss all the excitement, I'll be at Ground Zero, and thinking about this moment.

Burger's here, time for lunch. I hope to check back in once I am in Scranton.


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