Thursday, November 06, 2008

Shamlessness Continues

The Automatic recount provision kicks in at approximately 15,000 votes. Oh sure, if the spread was over 10,000 I could see putting pressure on the challenger to stop aside, but 477 is all that separates the current combatants. Norm Coleman thinks that is enough.
Coleman went before relatives, friends and supporters at his campaign headquarters in St. Paul to say he was "humbled and grateful for the victory that the voters gave us last night." His campaign website flashed the word "VICTORY."

Coleman urged Franken to waive his right to a recount, saying that the prospect of changing the result was remote and that a recount would be costly to taxpayers (about $86,000).

"I just think the need for the healing process is so important. ... hopefully, you don't have TV ads during an election recount," Coleman said.
Waive his right, what about OUR rights. Listen, the current count will flip by at least 1000 votes, and that will be more than enough for Franken to win. There is no victory here, this is a tie game going into over time.

What about that Coleman press event. Look at his weariness and uneasiness. He knows he is going to lose and had to look up the Florida battle to see how to react to push the gauntlet tighter. Well, sorry Senator Coleman, in Minnesota we have the rule of law. And it has become increasingly more clear you have no respect for the rule of law. So let me show you how one should behave right now.
Sen. Coleman:

Congratulations on your victory, as I predicted. It is my hope you and your operatives will respect the rule of law and see that it is enforced. I am confident that the recount will vindicate the original vote. But if it does not, and there is a flip in the outcome, I hope you will join me in congratulating the officially declared winner.


See how that works. It is called the high road. A place Sen. Coleman stopped traveling a long time ago.

I thought after his slime ad attacking Al Franken for hiw own legal trouble was the lowest of low. To demand that the recount be waived and turn his back on the people of Minnesota, simply shameless!


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