Monday, November 10, 2008

Premature Electionation

Senator Shameless, Captain MikeDEceit, and the Water 'Carey'er are playing the 'ignore the man behind the curtain' game.
“I am pleased to see the canvassing results have confirmed Sen. Coleman was re-elected on November 4th. He remains the winner despite several discrepancies with the original vote tally from election night"
Requests for a copy of the 'Certificate of Election' have gone unanswered.

It reminds me of when we were kids playing Monopoly and someone got Park Place or Boardwalk and started jumping up and down in victorious excitement. Then the banker reads the rules to you. DFL Chair Brain Melendez as the banker:
“Minnesotans can wait a few more weeks to find out the definitive result of last week’s election, no matter how much Republicans want to rush us through it. The Republicans can declare Norm Coleman reelected as often as they like, but this election will be decided by the voters, and not until every vote that was properly cast has been properly counted will we know the people’s will.”
This is about the time that the brat kicks the playing board and runs home crying.


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