Friday, November 07, 2008

Organizing Overvotes

As the canvassing process continues towards the certification date, other items of interest or coming to light. With the exception of some Spot auditing going on, NO actual votes are being recounted. During the audit, most machine counts matched hand counts. But these were in small rural precincts. The greatest discrepancies will be discovered in higher density urban areas. MSNBC has a nice graphics of where the concentration of Senate Over votes may be:
Those darker areas are where Al Franken did best. The article shares that reality:
"These numbers present a roadmap for a Franken challenge," he said. "It suggests there are about 10,000 votes in the largest Democratic counties that are potentially going to tilt in Franken's direction."

The ballots that showed a presidential vote but no Senate vote are called the "undervote." Statewide, more than 18,000 of those ballots came from counties won by Obama. About 6,100 were in counties won by Republican John McCain.
In personal conversations, I said that my guess was about 10,000 uncounted Senate votes are out there that will now be looked at and recorded. I also believed they would be in the higher density, read BLUE, precincts.

I won't claim victory, that is for the MN SoS to declare, and only someone with no respect for the process would try to disrupt it.


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