Wednesday, November 19, 2008

AK-Senate; 58 down, Two to Go

Following the completed counting of the remaining absentee and provisional ballots, Former Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich has an insurmountable lead:
With 100 percent of Alaska's precincts reporting, Begich, the mayor of Anchorage, had roughly 47.7 percent of the vote, compared with about 46.6 percent for Stevens, according to unofficial results posted on the Alaska Secretary of State's Web site.

He appears to have bested Stevens by 3,724 votes, according to the posted results.

Alaska elections Director Gail Fenumiai said 2,500 overseas ballots remain to be counted.

She said officials hope to make an official announcement during the week of December 1 -- and that Stevens would then have five days to request a recount.
Alaska has a similar .05% automatic Recount Law, but with the spread at 1.1%, that law doesn't kick in. Convicted Felon Sen. Ted Stevens can prolong the inevitable by requesting a recount, but that is unlikely.

With the olive branch offered to Lieberman, yesterday, and two senate seats still in play, the filibuster proof 60 is still within reach. Minnesota is likely to flip for #59, pointing all eyes on Georgia for the ultimate upset.

Over two weeks since election day and we are still crunching numbers. At lest us wonks are lovin' it.


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