Thursday, November 27, 2008

Being Thankful!

I was sauteing vegetables at about 6:30 this morning. The bird went in the oven right on schedule at 8 bells. I try to shoot for halftime of the first game, so everything is on track. Now I have a little break before I begin to prepare my special White Cheddar Mashed potatoes. MMmmmmm! Yes, my wife gets the day off. She deserves it!

Kurly loves Thanksgiving. He stares at the floor, right at my feet, waiting for something to nibble on to drop to the floor. Sometimes I do it on purpose, other times it is just a crouton, or piece of mushroom that gets away.

We are now kicking back to watch the parade. As a long time marching aficionado, I always love a good parade. I was fortunate enough, back in 1991, to have been selected to represent our corps in the Drum Corps Midwest All Stars that attended Macy's that year. Here is our performance on the first half or so of this YouTube

The only major parade I have yet to be in is the Rose Bowl. Someday.

So sit back, prepare for the feast, enjoy the parades, and be thankful for all the lord has provided for us!


Oh, and don't forget, I am a pilgrim, which brings an extra special meanign to this day.

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