Tuesday, November 04, 2008

2008 Dart Toss

MN Congressional

I don't believe there will be any party flips in this year's election, but here is my take:

Absolutely no chance these seats will budge!

4 McCollum
5 Ellison
7 Peterson
8 Oberstar

Walz will handily retain his seat, just not as powerful in this traditional red district

1 Walz

In order or tightness

2 Kline - Sgt. Sarvi has been the most formidable candidate that has faced kline since Bill Luther. But the 2nd is too Red to flip this time around

3 Paulson - I can't believe people would replace Ramstad with a far Right wing Ideologue, a male Bachmann if you will. But he has been able to flood the airwaves with lies and misdirection while avoiding the issues that are most important to the electorate. It will be close, but the Indy candidate will pull enough votes to allow Paulson to sneak through. And for the record, Bonoff wouldn;t even have been in the mix, Madia, the most moderate of the three candidates and the closest fit to Ramstad was thye DFL's best hope!

6 Bachmann - Rep. Bachmann went from the slam dunk list to the most vulnerable list in one Hardball appearance. El Tinklenberg has jumped on the fissure and has pulled even with the Congresswoman. Will it be enough, probably not. But it IS the best chance the DFL has to flip a congressional seat. Deep down I think the GOP in the 6th is embarrassed by their Representative and will give E-Tink a pass so they can find a replacement they can be more proud of.

US Senate

Coleman squeaks this one out as more deception fills the airwaves. Coleman has run the most deceptive and despicable campaign I have ever seen. His most recent attack, filled with bold faced lies accusing Franken of involvement in the filing of this Republican Lawsuit should be criminal. Why Franked didn't immediately file an unfair Campaign Practice lawsuit of his own I don't know.

In the end, the out-state Red areas, specifically the Pro Gun Arrowhead comes out in droves for the current Senator to hold off a surging Franken and a fading Barkley.

45 Coleman
43 Franken
12 Barkley


328 Sen Barack Obama
210 Sen. John McCain

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