Monday, November 03, 2008

The Ham Sandwich Endorsements

I'm a moderate! I know this because I still manage to rock the boat on both sides of the aisle.

I think the Left is dead wrong on the war. I think we do have an obligation to assure freedom throughout the world, especially if it risks our own freedoms at home should we not act.

I have acquired an ultra conservative immigration view, struggling with how we can allow those who came here illegally to have any preferential treatment over those who are waiting, legally, to experience the American Dream.

I believe we should have some form of Universal Tuition Tax Credit for private schools, allowing parents to take a portion of their Per Pupil allotment with them to assist in private school tuition.

Although the Left has made tremendous strides toward respecting the right of citizens to keep and bear arms, the Right still holds on to the better policy.

There are several others, but you get my point. I am not a blind follower of a Far Right or Left ideology. But what we do have this years is a desire by the Left to reach out to moderates and independents by endorsing truly moderate candidates. The Right has chosen ideologues without respect to the make-up of the constituency.

I am supporting a straight Democratic ticket this year, and yes, a moderate can do that and still be a moderate. How can a true Moderate support an Erik Paulson in the 3rd, when an Ashwin Madia has shown to be the true centrist. Why would anyone with moderate credibility consider John Kline, when Sgt. Steve Sarvi, who also recevied the Indy endorsment, is the true choice. How could Dr. Davis in the 1st be even remotely considered a centrist when Congressman Tim Walz has already shown he can work across party lines. And finally, who could even consider a bitter divider like Rep. Bachmann, who would rather congress spent time on a McCarthyesque witch hunt, when we have a Pro Life true moderate In El Tinklenberg.

In the 4th and 5th, we have far Left leaning ideologues who most closely resemble their constituency. Last year I endorsed Tammy Lee in the 5th, this year I will take a pass. And in the 4th, I have not voted Democratic since 1998, the last time Bruce Vento appeared on the ballot. I'll probably write myself in again.

My point is, an independent doesn't have to play hop scotch on their ballot to claim to be in the middle. When the Right continues to endorse ideologues, and the Left common sense, what choice do we have!?

The Right has run away from the electorate so far and so fast, it is very justifiable for anyone who has been paying attention to vote a straight Democratic ticket this year. Even if that Democrat is nothing more than a Ham Sandwich, with a D on it!


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