Thursday, November 20, 2008

For Becky Young

Eva Young's mother passed, and we know where Eva gets her political spunk:
She won election to the Wisconsin State Assembly in 1984 representing the 76th District, serving seven terms and retiring in 1999. Among her major awards were NOW Feminist of the Year (1996); Eunice Zoghlin Edgar Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Civil Liberties Union (1997); Outstanding Legislator Award from the Wisconsin Counties Association (1998); Vote for Choice Award from Planned Parenthood (1998); Luan Gilbert Award for Outstanding Activities in Domestic Violence Intervention and Prevention, from Domestic Violence Intervention Services (1998); Eleanor Roosevelt Award, from the Democratic Party of Wisconsin (2005); Extraordinary Commitment to Justice Award, from the Benedict Center (2008); Inspiring Leadership to Countless Women, from Wisconsin Assembly Democrats (2008); Lifetime Advocacy Award from Disability Rights Wisconsin (2008), and the Marlys Matuszak Statewide Impact Award for positive and lasting impact on the Democratic Party and State of Wisconsin (2008).
All my hopes to the Young family during this difficult time.

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UPDATE: MNO points us to this article in the Wisconsin State Journal:
"She was just so respected. There was nothing slick about Becky Young, she was so smart it was almost intimidating," said Terese Berceau, who succeeded Young in the Assembly.

Hers was a tall figure in Madison politics, taking progressive but seldom exclusive stands on issues — education, welfare, transportation — that would dominate the social agenda for the decades beginning in 1970. That was the year her youngest daughter began kindergarten and she became a county supervisor. Instantly recognizable with curly hair, wide-rimmed spectacles and a ready grin, within a year, in 1971, she got the county's conservative administrator George Reinke to declare an "Un-Car" day.

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