Monday, November 10, 2008

Coleman's attorney Gets It

Sen Norm Coleman's attorney on the first lawsuit of the senate election:
Coleman attorney Fritz Knaak said, based on a Saturday hearing, he was assured by the Minneapolis city attorney’s office that those ballots should be included in the count. Knaak said it is not the campaign’s intention to appeal the judge’s decision.
. . .
“We did what we had to do,” Knaak said Saturday. “There was a real concern that what was going on here was wrong and unfair.”

Knaak said he feels assured that what was going on with the 32 ballots was neither wrong nor unfair.
Nice to know at least someone in the Coleman Camp respect the process.

Today, final canvassing results are due from all counties. There WILL be changes; normal, common, adjustments. Whichever direction they go, will be just part of the process. I have full faith and canfidence in the process. Sen. Coleman, most of his staff, and his shameless operatives, only care about winning. Sad, really!

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