Friday, September 29, 2006

Twin's are in First!

I was at the game last night. GREAT seats thanks to my good friend the Doctor. We were right off the edge of the netting, about 13 rows behind the Right Hand Batters' box. What a great view of the game.

We started losing interest in this pitcher's duel. Not too much excitement happening, two outs, two strikes, bottom of the 9th, and we are all but reaching for our jackets. And than *CRACK* Mauer barely sneaks one over the Right Field wall. Had the Fielder timed his jump just a tad better, this game would have been over.

It felt like play off baseball after that. The crowd was standing and hyping the whole rest of the game. I assume the three game series with the ChiSox will be even more intense. We must win out if we want a realistic shot at the division. But with Detroit fading and the Yankees losing yesterday, we still have a shot.



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