Sunday, September 17, 2006


You can say whatever you want about the Minnesota Poll, but it will still take an awful lot of spinning to undermine the reality of the MN US Senate race. Amy is running away with it, and it will take a whole lot more then the standard GOP smear machine to undermine the will of the Minnesota electorate.
Klobuchar is ahead of Kennedy in virtually every demographic category that the poll measured and has extended a lead among moderates and independents over the summer.

The poll, taken Wednesday through Friday among 820 likely voters, has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3.4 percentage points.
The opposition continues to be in denial:
"This poll should be running in the comics, right next to Garfield," spokeswoman Heidi Frederickson said. She said the campaign had no other comment on the poll's findings.
And the Kennedy Attack blog responded by aiming directly at the messenger:
Determined to have more fun with numbers than an online sudoku tournament, word is leaking out of Portland Avenue that the Star Tribune is poised to print numbers in the Kennedy-Klobuchar race tomorrow that will defy credulity — no small task considering their ludicrous track record.
They did however finally release their internal numbers, albeit the old ones they claim to be the most recent available:
The Terrance Group notes: “Although we have not been in the field in about a month, our most recent polling shows the race is probably in single digits. Our last survey shows Kennedy capturing 39% of the vote and Klobuchar getting 49%. While the overall ballot shows Kennedy 10 points down, the turnout model argues that the GOP candidate is only about 8 points down 42% to 50%.
So no matter how you slice it, Kennedy has two choices. He can take it like a man and display the character he so desperately is trying to present to Minnesotans, or pull out all stops and continue the smear campaign he is running. I would think he would start presenting the truth behind who he is, and run on his ideas and principle, because it is clear that Minnesotans are fed up with the negativity him and his surrogates are filling the airwaves with.


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