Wednesday, September 27, 2006

MN Republican Exposed

Michael 'MDE' Brodkorb claims that MDE is his personal playground. However, it is becoming more and more apparent that he is compensated quite well for his 'consultant services'. At the very least, his position within the party, and his pay from Mark Kennedy, put him in a position to have access to information in a timely manner, and a free flow of content for his Attack site. But from someone who is on the outside looking in, MDE is nothing more then a tool that allows the MN GOP to have someone else do their dirty work, while hiding behind a mask of independence.

MRW shares Michael's failed attempt to mask his reality:
His client list is not the only issue, and is not the biggest issue. Yet it is the only issue he acknowledges. Why?

Brodkorb himself claims — including in this latest defense — that his "ethics are not governed by legal interpretations." Yet he appears unwilling to defend his record and address numerous ethical issues raised by Minnesota Monitor earlier today
It's not about ethics, as much as it is about morals. Remember; An ethical man knows the difference between what is right and wrong; a moral one picks what is right.

I don't expect much more from the GOP, but the media seems to be giving them all a pass on this. Maybe they will wake up and start calling Michael what he really is, a Paid Mark Kennedy Press Consultant. The electorate deserves adequate context when they read his sensationalized, and in most cases intellectually innacurate posts. Is it too much to ask to give it to them.

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