Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Balance of Power

Since polling is whipping thru the blogosphere, and bias being used as the spin, I thought I'd take a peak at the Right's favorite pollster, Rasmussen. With an admitted Right lean, you won't get the bias sniping when Ras releases their numbers.

Monday we saw a major shift in their Balance of Power totals for the Senate:
The battle for control of the U.S. Senate is getting closer—much closer. Little more than a week ago, our Balance of Power summary showed the Republicans leading 50-45 with five states in the Toss-Up category. Today, Rasmussen Reports is changing three races from “Toss-Up” to “Leans Democrat.” As a result, Rasmussen Reports now rates 49 seats as Republican or Leans Republican while 48 seats are rated as Democrat or Leans Democrat (see State-by-State Summary). There are now just three states in the Toss-Up category--Tennessee, New Jersey, and Missouri.

Today’s changes all involve Republican incumbents who have been struggling all year. In Montana, Senator Conrad Burns (R) has fallen behind Jon Tester (D). Rhode Island Senator Lincoln Chafee (R) survived his primary but starts the General Election as a decided underdog. Sherrod Brown (D) is enjoying a growing lead over Ohio Senator Mike DeWine (R).

Four other seats are now ranked as “Leans Democrat”—Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Maryland, and Michigan.

Virginia is the only state rated as “Leans Republican.”
Hmmm, the 3 Tossups are Tennessee, New Jersey, and Missouri.

MO-SEN Rasmussen Sept 15 McCaskill (D) 45%, Talent (R) 42%
MO-SEN SurveyUSA Sept 14 McCaskill (D) 48%, Talent (R) 47%

NJ-SEN Str. Vision (R) Sept 14 Kean (R) 44%, Menendez (D) 40%
NJ-SEN Rasmussen Repts Aug. 28 Kean (R) 44%, Menendez (D) 39%

TN-SEN Rasmussen Repts Sept 15 Corker (R) 45%, Ford, Jr. (D) 44%

It will be an interesting Election evening.


UPDATE: I've added a cutsie graphic from Electoral-Vote.com that will automatically track their projection for the Senate's Balane of Power.
Click for www.electoral-vote.com
This is a GREAT site for Both Senate and House race polling information. Just click ont he graphic to take you to their home.

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