Monday, September 18, 2006

Dear Mark!

When someone writes a Dear John letter, it means they are breaking up. Fecke, in his masterful way, does one better with a Dear Mark letter. He calls it 'An Intervention':
Hello, Mark, sit down.

We’ve all come together today, Mark, because you have a problem, and we want you to get help. We know it started the way it usually does–with a little bit, here or there. You had a stressful time, and if you were going to succeed you needed something to give you a bit of an edge. But in the past few years, Mark, you’ve been spiralling. Look, there’s no easy way for me to say this, but it’s clear to all of us that you’re addicted to misleading, negative attack ads.

Part of it’s our fault, Mark: we’ve been enabling you. When you ran negative ads against David Minge, well, you were a challenger. You had to do it. At least, that’s what we told ourselves. Then, Janet Robert did the seemingly impossible and ran ads against you that were even more misleading than yours, and we told ourselves that you had to have the ads, you needed the ads.
Oh, it gets better. READ the rest!


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