Thursday, September 21, 2006

Kennedy Kamp Turns to Komedy

I had to wait a bit to post this as I have been laughing so hard. The true desperation of Mark's floundering campaign shined brightly with this message on his campaign website:
We were informed last evening of a serious security breach of sensitive Kennedy campaign information by a senior member of Amy Klobuchar’s campaign. Due to the fact this information was accessed via the internet, we are taking precautionary measures to protect our campaign information. We apologize for the inconvenience. The full features of our website will be restored once this matter has been resolved.

One page we are absolutely confident remains secure is our contribution page. You can access this page via a security enabled site by clicking here.
Now we already know that there was no security breach, since their was no security to begin with on the Scott Howell website. But the events leading up to today in no way involved the Kennedy website, it was a lack of any security measure on the Scott Howell site. But Kennedy takes his site down as a 'precautionary' measure. But don't worry, they are confident that their donation page is secure so go ahead and dole out your credit card numbers and give them money. How convenient.

Be sure to tip your bartenders and wait staff, the Kennedy Komedy show will be here till November 7th, at which time they will be taking a very extended and indefinite vacation!


DFL Senate shows this is nothing more than a ploy approved and authorized by Mark Kennedy himself:
< ! – remove refresh when kennedy wants to get site back – >
Not 'When campaign receives word site is secure, but when 'Kennedy wants to get site back'

So Kennedy's definition of security is playing tricks with it. And he wants to be in the Senate?!?

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