Thursday, September 21, 2006

Klobuchar 52 - 36 - 7

The Humphrey Institute has released their US Senate Poll continuing to show Amy with a powerful and commanding lead. The poll, conducted between Sept 13 - 18, was before any of the hub bub that has been swarming the blogosphere the last couple days. There is no way of knowing at this point how much more of a bump Amy has received from her strong leadership and integrity displayed during this recent period.

From the report (.doc):
The Democratic Party nominee for U.S. Senate, Amy Klobuchar, holds a commanding advantage over the Republican Party nominee, Mark Kennedy, according to a Humphrey Institute survey of 1,023 Minnesota voters in the week following the primary. Kennedy’s campaign is being badly hurt by President George Bush’s unpopularity and by deep concerns about the direction of the country and state. Klobuchar is strongly benefiting from extraordinary concern over Iraq and a huge lead among women voters even as she holds her own among men.
This may explain why the Kennedy campaign continues their stunt, pretending to have a closed website, when in reality it is just a media ploy.


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