Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Magic Numbers

It began last April. A cool crisp day similar to today. The garage stereo has a permanent preset to 'The Neighbor' as I blast Herb, Gordo, Dazzleman, and the rest throughout the neighborhood. It has been a long yet exciting Season.

It didn't start out well. Twins struggling out of the gate, Detroit dominating the league. But this young club persevered through injury and tumult not many other clubs could have dealt with.

Yesterday was the last 'day off' for the team, and now the 13 game stretch drive begins. Our two Rivals, Detroit and Chicago White Sox are beating each other up, we open a road series against the other Sox in Boston.

We have the toughest schedule of the three clubs vying for the two playoff slots. 3 against the BoSox, 3 more with Baltimore. 4 at home with the resurgent Royals, and then the final three with our ALC Nemesis ChiSox.

In simple terms, our Magic number for the Wild Card slot is 9, and 15 for the Division. Doable, certainly, but this spunky young club still has their work cut out for them. The sidebar has been enhanced with these figures.

I'll be in the garage tonight, listening, cheering, hoping, and reminiscing of what a ride it has been.


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