Wednesday, August 02, 2006

San Fran Blogger Jailed

Josh Wolf, a Video Blogger in California was jailed on contempt charges yesterday for refusing to release raw video footage of protest last year. TalkLeft has more:
A federal judge in San Francisco has jailed blogger-journalist Josh Wolf, age 24, for refusing to turn over videotapes he took at an anti-capitalist protest last year and to testify before the grand jury.
The protest, tied to a Group of 8 meeting of world economic leaders in Scotland, ended in a clash between demonstrators and the San Francisco police, with one officer sustaining a fractured skull. A smoke bomb or a firework was also put under a police car, and investigators are looking into whether arson was attempted on a government-financed vehicle.

....Mr. Wolf, who posted some of the edited video on his Web site, and sold some of it to local television stations, met with investigators, who wanted to see the raw video. But Mr. Wolf refused to hand over the tapes, arguing that he had the right as a journalist to shield his sources.
Although Josh has assistance from the usual suspects (PDF), the comments on his blog are not as sympathetic. Here's one:
I would have a lot more sympathy for you, Josh, had you not publicly released portions of the tapes to suit your own agenda/viewpoint. But you did, and then you refused to share the rest of the footage, which only makes you look like a very biased and very subjective participant in the whole mess. Sorry, that’s not exactly my idea of journalistic integrity…
There is also a plea from his Mom, who is now posting on his blog, for fiscal assistance with the legal expenses. Its fish or cut bait time for this young 24 year old. What he needs is good, sane, and sensible advice from counsel that doesn't have a dog in this fight. I hope he finds it.


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