Thursday, August 03, 2006

Latest Rasmussen - Amy +12

Kos shares a snippet of the latest Rasmussen numbers and other trends. Scott Rasmussen states:
Our latest numbers from Minnesota (Klobuchar +12), Washington (Cantwell +11), and New Jersey (Menendez +6) provide Democrats with breathing room in the three Senate races deemed by the conventional wisdom and polling data as the GOP's best pick-up opportunities of the cycle. In all three cases, polls earlier in the year gave Republicans hope but the trends are moving against them. With all the usual cavaets about a long time until Election Day, it is now hard to see the Republicans picking up any Democratic Senate seats.
Rasmussen is a Right leaning pollster whom both sides of the aisle typically agree are the most accurate out there. Let's see the Kennedy attack machine spin out of control now.


UPDATE: KvM 'had' a post up on this, but the link off the MNSpeak aggregator is dead. They must not have gotten the spin right from their 'bosses'. Expect tweaked text and a more viscous title in 5 . . 4 . . 3 . .
We just received word that Rasmussen, the most accurate poll of the 2004 election cycle, has just released their numbers on the Minnesota Senate and gubernatorial races. For the first time since Kennedy and Klobuchar were matched head-to-head several months ago, Ms. Klobuchar has opened up a statistically significant lead on the Congressman. The numbers show [...]...>»»

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