Friday, August 04, 2006

Caesar's Blogging Again

The Blogging Caesar has fired up his Election Projection website for another go around. Election Projection was a must read for Wonks during the 2004 presidential election cycle. His electoral college map with projections was posted on the sidebar here at Centrisity during the campaign. Now he has three maps to look at, Gubernatorial (21 GOP -7, 29 DEM +7), Senate (51 GOP -4, 48 DEM +4, 1 IND), and House (226 GOP -7, 209 DEM +7, 0 IND -1) breakdowns.

Caesar is an admitted Right leaner, but I find him to be objective and intelligent in his analysis.

I'll be visiting him daily for the latest polling news and analysis. Somedays, you may not want to wait for me to share what I find, so go visit him yourself.


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