Saturday, August 12, 2006

Drum Corps Break

Long time readers know that I have been involved in the Drum and Bugle Corps activity for over 25 years. Although I began the season hoping to perform with Minnesota Brass, Incorporated during their 60th anniversary season, it was not to be. With three teenagers in the house, and my more active involvement in the political world there just wasn't enough room to squeeze in a competitive drum corps season.

As we enter August, the season is winding down. Minnesota Brass is a Senior corps, and their World Championships will be held in Rochester, NY Labor Day Weekend. If you've never seen Drum and Bugle corps before, or if you have an inkling to see them again, you still have an opportunity. Members of the Central Region of the All Age Drum Corps Associates will be traveling to Minnesota for a weekend of marching arts.

Saturday August 19, 4:00 p.m., St. Peter, MN; DRUM CORPS EXPO and Sunday August 20, 4:30 PM, South St. Paul, MN Sounds of Minnesota

Performing Corps:

Music City Legends from Nashville, TN
Lakeshoreman from Troy, Michigan
Frontier from Dallas, Texas
Kilties from Racine, Wisconsin
Govies from St. Peter, Minnesota
Chops, Inc. from Minneapolis, Minnesota
Minnesota Brass, Inc., Twin Cities
Special Guest - MBI Minne-Brass

Mark your calendars.

This weekend, however, the Junior corps are competing for their world title. Yesterday's Semi Finals whittled the Open Class corps down to the final 12. Here are the scores:

DCI World Championships Division I Semifinals, Madison, WI
August 11, 2006

1 97.875 The Cavaliers
2 97.000 Blue Devils
3 96.825 Phantom Regiment
4 93.625 The Cadets
5 93.550 Santa Clara Vanguard
6 93.500 Bluecoats
7 90.275 Carolina Crown
8 89.350 Blue Knights
9 88.775 Boston Crusaders
10 87.950 Madison Scouts
11 86.275 Glassmen
12 85.275 Spirit from JSU
13 83.050 Colts
14 81.525 Blue Stars
15 81.250 Crossmen
16 80.825 Capital Regiment
17 77.875 Mandarins

Tonight is the finals competition where the 2006 DCI World Champion will be crowned. ESPN 2 will show highlights and full corps performances, September 5, 2006. Be sure to tune in, you will never think of marching band in the same way again!


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