Monday, August 21, 2006

Luther in Bemidji Pioneer

Bill Luther appeared in the Bemidji Pioneer with a commentary piece entitled 'State needs tough stance on oil monopolies, price fixing' (free registration required). A snippet
In Congress, the gas and oil companies have immense influence with large campaign contributions. These companies have been allowed to create and regulate America’s energy policy. The result has left Minnesotans emptying their pocketbooks while no significant changes are being made to help them.

Minnesotans deserve leadership. It’s clear we cannot wait for Washington to solve high prices at the gas pump. Just as Minnesota led the fight against big tobacco companies who prey on our children and HMOs who mistreat patients, we must lead the fight against price gouging and monopolies in the oil industry.

First, we must investigate oil company practices that drive up gas prices. The decision by BP PLC to temporarily shutdown an Alaskan oil field because of a leak in one of the pipelines has caused a spike in gas prices. Reports indicate that corporate unwillingness to make repairs in a lax regulatory environment was the cause of the incident.
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