Monday, August 07, 2006

Another One Bites the Dust

Bob Ney throws up the white flag:
Embattled U.S. Rep. Bob Ney, R-Ohio, announced Monday that he would retire at the close of the 108th Congress, abandoning a bid to win a seventh term to the House of Representatives in November.

Ney, 52, whom the Justice Department is investigating for dealings with convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff, said the decision to step down at the end of the year "ultimately ... came down to my family."
Whenever they pull out the 'family' card, you know that there is more trouble ahead.

Bob was in Ohio's 18th and was in a serious fight. It will be interesting to see if the new GOP candidate rebounds, or if the electorate is fed up with the corruption they have had to endure.


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