Thursday, August 03, 2006

Joementum Ebbs!

There is always dispute over my moderate credentials. I've never denied the fact that I do lean Left, my tag line above says as much. But my ideology aligns more to the Right of the DLC, or very close to the Right's favorite Democrat Joe Lieberman.

I was a Lieberman supporter during the last Presidential election cycle. And when he didn't get the nod, I had to look at the two remaining endorsed candidates and chose one that I felt was a better fit for my views, and the best hope for the future of the country. It was the lesser of two evils, and one was significantly more 'evil' then the other. I went with Kerry. We all know how that worked out.

Now Joementum is in the political battle of his life. The dissatisfaction of the Bush administration, and Joe's tight alignment with it, has created a wedge in the deep blue state of Connecticut. So much so that this long serving incumbent Senator will no doubt LOSE the Democratic primary on Tuesday to political unknown Ned Lamont. The latest Q-Poll not only confirms other polling, but continues to trend against Joe.

Current (July 20)

54 (51) Lamont
41 (47) Lieberman

What is incredibly interesting, is what would happen next, especially when Joe does lose the Democratic nod. He is already compiling the necessary signatures to run in the general under his own independent 'Connecticut for Lieberman' party. Rasmussen did some polling on this electoral make-up and the results were interesting.

The primary numbers

July (June)
51 (40) Lamont
41 (46) Lieberman

July (June)
40 (29) Lamont (D)
40 (44) Lieberman (CfL)
13 (15) Schlesinger (R)

With Joementum ebbing, it looks like the trend lines spell doom for Joe even if he runs under his own label. That could spell political suicide for him, but open the door to the GOP where I am sure the President will find a home for him.

If I were a Connecticut voter, I would support Joe in the Primary, but I am not sure if I would be able to continue that support should he lose to Lamont. All eyes will be on Connecticut next Tuesday for what will turn out to be an interesting evening.


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