Wednesday, August 16, 2006

KvM W.W.A.D.? Contest ?!?

So K v Polygraph is whining still:
Remember when we asked readers to send in how Amy Klobuchar differs from her hero Mark Dayton?

Probably not since no one responded.
OK, I respect these guys and don't think for an instance they may have gotten several responses and are just choosing not to post them. The gentleman I have met have much more integrity then that. But I do believe there may be a level of apprehension on the part of their left leaning readers to even bother sending them anything.

SO I CHALLENGE THEE! Why don't you open up comments?!! I run Luther -v- Johnson and have activated comments on a particular post, why not do the same. I can appreciate that some blogs prefer not to have them. But that doesn't mean you can't arbitrarily choose to have interaction for a post now and then.

Guys, what do you think!!


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