Friday, August 18, 2006

BiPartisan support for Willson

A few interesting comments in my post on Cousin Tim's run for Brooklyn Center Mayor.

First, from the MOB's very own R-Five at Speed Gibson:
I served on the Planning Commission with Tim for almost 10 years. I had no idea you were related.

Tim runs a tight ship, which two of our current Council members will soon find out if he wins. One of them, a person equally lacking in propriety and perspective, beat him last election. Revenge is a gavel best swung cold.

But his opposition, Kathleen Carmody would be otherwise be my choice. (I campaigned for her last time.)

I honestly haven't decided yet. Both would bring unique good traits to the job.
and another former Carmody supporter:
I supported Kathleen in the last election too..but this time I'm voting for Tim..I think he has what BC needs right now to turn this city around.
Maybe John will re-evaluate his perception of who I support . . . . or maybe not *grin*


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