Thursday, June 01, 2006

Today is the First Day

. . of the rest of the campaign.

The Royal Court convenes tonight to begin the process of crowning their anointed candidates. Tonight they begin with Prince Kennedy followed by tomorrow's coronation of King TPaw. I don't suspect any surprises, the GOP is a very scripted and closed group of select individuals. They would have to allow for openness and understanding if they wanted something exciting to happen. But I'll have one eye on them anyway.

Don't worry, the Bickersons meet next week. This will be the other extreme. Too many cooks battling over how much of their favorite seasonings to mix into the pot, not realzing how close they are to ruining the whole batch. We have the most vulnerable GOP party in several years, but the DFL is still managing to make this Blue state Purple.

If only clear heads would prevail, we could get to the business of governing. I think the people of this state, and the country for that matter, have had enough of the childish cat fights we have seen over the last couple years.


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