Friday, June 23, 2006

Dayton, Coleman agree on Iraq!

And I couldn't have said it better:
"The reality is that until our military commanders in Iraq tell us that they believe that it's in our national security interests and the security of our troops' interests to begin withdrawing troops, I think it's premature for the United States Senate to begin initiating that action, even rhetorically," said Dayton, who has long opposed the war.

Coleman agreed "wholeheartedly" with Dayton, saying a timeline shouldn't be established on the Senate floor.

"We want American troops to be out of the center of action in Iraq as soon as possible. But those decisions have to be made by commanders on the ground," he said.
At this point it doesn't matter how we got there. We have an obligation to finish what we started. Both our Senators are on the same page, which is quite refreshing actually!


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