Thursday, June 22, 2006

Good News, Bad News - Polling Edition

WSJ/Zogby has released (click on Minnesota) their latest number. Many, including myself, are still not convinced at the reliability of interactive polling. But regardless of the methodology, any poll is still just a picture in time, and the only 'time' that counts is the poll taken on election day.

DFL Endorsed gubernatorial candidate Mike Hatch had been enjoying a slight lead on the sitting Governor, but the latest number show Tpaw in much better shape.

45.0 Gov. Pawlenty
39.8 AG Mike Hatch
(Independent candidate Peter Hutchinson is polling in the 5.5 - 7.5 range)

Hatch's number is almost a 10 point drop from his high in October. Now that the election season is heating up, expect things to tighten once again. And when Hatch announces Dutcher on Sunday, that just may change the whole complexion of the race.

In the senate race, Klobuchar continues to hold a lead, albeit not insurmountable.

48.6 Klobuchar
41.2 Kennedy

Greenberg Quinlan number from 4/20-26 show a similar spread

50 Klobuchar
42 Kennedy

Nothing is decided yet, and there is a long Summer ahead, followd by a brutal fall!


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