Friday, June 30, 2006

GOP Leaning Rasmussen shows Amy in the Lead

Rasmussen continues to show favorable numbers for the firm and committed Amy Klobuchar:
With only 7% of voters undecided, DFL county attorney Amy Klobuchar continues to hold a narrow edge over Republican Representative Mark Kennedy in the race to succeed Senator Mark Dayton (D), who is retiring after a single term.

The two have been near-even throughout most of the election year. Last month, Klobuchar led 45% to 43%. The competitive and well-funded contest is being watched closely by national officials of both parties.
What is more revealing is the favorable/unfavorable numbers:
Klobuchar is viewed favorably by 57% of likely voters, unfavorably by 29%; 14% are "not sure" what to think of her. Kennedy is viewed favorably by 46%, unfavorably by 41%, with 12% "not sure."
Amy's message and firm stance on issues important to Minnesotans continues to resonate with the electorate. Kennedy's inability to shake the monkey of his back continues to be a serious detriment to his chances. Kennedy's unfavorables and minimal 'very' favorables show that buyers remorse is beginning to set in and the anointing of his candidacy so early will play out as a grave mistake by the state's GOP.

Watch as Amy's opponents continue to work together in attack mode as they slowly realize it is her message that is being embraced by the voters of Minnesota. They've already lost the race on the issues, so slinging mud is all they have left!


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