Friday, June 30, 2006

Much ado about nothing

The bullying has began from Amy's opponents. Seems one of them snuck recording devices into the Humphrey Institute eventhough it was made pretty clear that only authorized devices were allowed. They are now crying foul when they were challenged by staffers at the event. I commend the Klobuchar campaign for being committed to having an honest debate, and not allow for their words to be pulled out of context, misrepresented and set up for a smear boating.

What none of the detractors bother to mention is there IS audio of Amy's speech AND the Q&A afterwards (thanks Polinaut and MPR). But that is not the impression you get when you read their attacks. I expected as much from Kennedy's Attack Machine, but not from within. In fact, we were assured by Amy's primary oponent that he wouldn't go negative. But then again, he also said he would abide by the endorsement and we all know how that turned out. I'd like to remind them of Sen. Obama's thoughtful and insightful words when I visited with him a few months back.
I would hope that in a Democratic primary we make sure that we always assume good faith on the part of our opponents.
I guess I'd like to follow up on that response now and ask "What happens when the opponent no longer shows good faith?"

When campaigns have to make stuff up and try to force the fallacies onto the public plate, you really have to questions their desire to represent Minnesotans and their commitment to a better future for our state!


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