Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Jeffers Continues Challenge

via the PiPress:
Stub & Herbs owner Sue Jeffers announced in an e-mail Monday that she will take on Pawlenty, who was endorsed for a second term by the state Republican Party last week.

"I'm taking my case straight to the people, and the powers that be in the party can't shut me up anymore," she said.
Bad news for Pawlenty?!? Not so bad he won't be able to retain the nomination. But it will force primary voters to think about which ballot they vote on. A non contested GOP primary ballot opens the door, in states like MN, for crossover. So if there were folks out there who were considering voting for the Pro Kennedy candidate on the DFL senate ballot, or putting a wrinkle in what will be a contested DFL Gubernatorial race, they must now think again. It wasn't that long ago that a bunch a giggly voters went to the polls and pulled the Ventura lever, only to find out they weren't alone in the prank. I suspect the Minnesota electorate is a little more savvy after that incident.


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