Saturday, June 17, 2006

Stinging the 'B'

Mitch mentioned the online Pedo stings that are occasionally broadcast on prime time news magazine. However, it doesn't require TV to run them, various law enforcement agencies use the practice to nab the bad guys. And sometimes they catch themselves a big one:
In Internet and phone chats with someone he thought was a 14-year-old girl, a Department of Homeland Security press aide talked about underage sex, boasted about his job and called President Bush a "liar," according to transcripts released by prosecutors.

Brian Doyle, 56, of Silver Spring, Md., acknowledged his chat room pal _ "Ashlynne" _ could be a police officer "trapping" him, according to about 400 pages of records released this week. Undercover Polk County sheriff's detectives posed as the girl.
This two bit loser will be dragged through the system and hopefully get what he deserves. But the sidebar is all the wonderfully nice things he said about his boss, all captured by law enforcement in the transcript:
The transcripts also quote Doyle as saying he met Bush, adding, "nice guy but not a good president ... he is not very bright and it is evident ... bush is a liar ... there were NO weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. total lie to go to war."
What a classy guy, huh!


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