Friday, June 02, 2006

Running Away

Mark Kennedy continues his sprint away from the failed and flawed policies of the majority in Washington. Unfortunately for him, the ball and chain is locked firmly around his neck, and it will difficult for him to pull off this deception. But ya gotta give the guy an E for effort.

Independent voice?!?:
"I vote with Minnesota, I vote with my mother and vote with the standards I was raised with, which happen to sometimes coincide more or less with other people and other groups," Kennedy said in the interview.
Yeah, Right! Those of us that pay attention know Kennedy is lock step with the leadership in Washington that has been destructive to Minnesotans. What could be more important for Minnesotans then, let's say, Farmers:
* He ditched his seat on the Agriculture Committee. I'm sure to better help the farmers... right?
* He voted for CAFTA. Farmers across Minnesota loved that one; especially the big ethanol producers.
* And, this is the really amazing one, he cast the deciding vote for the budget bill that cut aid for farmers by $1.8 Billion!!! (among other terrible cuts that hurt Minnesotans)
That's voting with Minnesota?!?

The Right realizes that they have no choice but to distance themselves from . . . . themselves! We will continue to see the President make proposals that will create opportunities for incumbents to declare "I don't agree with that, see, I am independent". That is the Rovian game this year. A lame duck president has nothing to run on anymore, so he will modify and adjust his positions in an attempt to give his loyalist cover going into November. And if the Left let's them pull this off, it will work!


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