Saturday, June 10, 2006

6th Ballot-Updated

51 - 47 - 2 Hatch. Official numbers soon.

1296.5 total ballots, 778 needed for endorsement

Hatch 665 51.3%
Kelley 606.5 46.8%
N/Endorse 24 1.9%


Q&A being requested, but fails on voice vote. Hatch needs to get some podium time if he is going to officially announce Dutcher as his LG. But it looked like it was the Hatch folks waving thumbs down on the Q and A. Hmmmmmm.

Lots more Hatch signs on the floor. The movement to Hatch, and the build-up of more labor support by him, just may be enough to move the delegation. But unless something huge happens, alla a Dutcher announcement, there will be a few more ballots yet.

5th Ballot

1298 Total ballots

Hatch 646 49.8%
Kelley 609 46.9%
No Endorsement 42.5 3.3%

Kelley surge picking up the AntiHatch contingent. Floor is in a flurry compared to the other ballots. Kelley's folks are re-energized for sure.


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