Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Fear No Evil

Hawkins at RightWingNews shares his list of "Democratic candidates who'd have the best chance to beat a GOP nominee in 2008". He makes it clear it is his view strictly on electability. I was a Lieberman guy early on in '04. At this point, I like Richardson, and was glad to see him high on the list.

Hawkins lists a top 10, here's the cream that floated to the top:
1) Mark Warner: Warner is easily the best candidate the Dems have to offer. The former Virginia governor has a reputation as a moderate and he "speaks Southern." He would likely take Virginia against any GOP candidate other than George Allen and he could easily bring 3-4 other Southern States into the Democratic column. It's no coincidence that the last two Democratic Presidents have been Southern governors and Warner would have an excellent chance to be the third.

2) Bill Richardson: Richardson is the governor of New Mexico, is viewed as a moderate, and has some charisma. Although he was the Ambassador to the United Nations and the Secretary of Energy in the Clinton Administration, he managed to make it out with some valuable experience and without the sort of crushing baggage that Hillary is saddled with.

3) Evan Bayh: Bayh is a moderate Senator from Indiana who's so wildly popular there that he would be able to turn that very red state -- and its 11 electoral votes -- blue. Bayh is a former chairman of the Democratic Leadership conference and has a reputation for being fiscally conservative. Put it all together and you have a candidate who could compete in the South and give the GOP a hard time.
Hillary was next, followed by Gore, then Obama. Flash was no where to be found on the list, further solidifying my moderate credentials!

Be sure to go take a look at the complete list with Hawkins' analysis here.


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