Thursday, April 20, 2006

Two Days Late, 400 Billion short

MN Publius tips us all to the latest Mark Kennedy two step. And this is a two days late step.

Seems the Congressman posted a Press release on his website yesterday touting FREE tax service. However, this former accountant seemed to forget that taxes were due Monday, making his heads up on this assistance moot.

If that isn't bad enough, Rep. Kennedy's staffers have now backdated the press release to 4/11/06. Thanks to a heads up, MNPublius was able to grab a screen shot before the switch.

Talk about pandering. And to think this guy was an accountant. An accountant that helped facilitate the budget transition from a 130 Billion dollar surplus to a 400+ Billion dollar deficit. I wouldn't hire him to oversee my measly household budget, I can't imagine anyone giving him the PIN code to the federal coffers.


Here's an interesting Graphic. Average Deficit based on GDP Percentage:

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