Saturday, April 08, 2006

EXCLUSIVE: Sen. Obama Interview; A Teaser

What a fantastic afternoon.

Senator Barack Obama is one of the most amiable and genuine individuals I have ever met. Once he arrived, and we took care of the initial pleasantries, he sat down, cozied up to the table, grabbed a handful of snacks, popped a couple in his mouth and said "Whataya got for me" or something to that effect.

Knowing my time was limited, I dug right in. The Senator was very engaging, yet personable. I was able to get through my material in the allotted time, with an opportunity for a couple photos at the end.

I hope to share some comments about the rally, and its overflow crowd. But my desire to get the interview transcribed in a timely manner may prohibit that. For now, you'll have to settle on this photo, so I can at least prove I was in the same room with him. *laughing*

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UPDATE: For those looking for Rally reviews, I strongly suggest visiting DFLSenate (teaser), Broken Nails, or ShotGunFreude

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