Tuesday, April 25, 2006

More on Jeffers and the MNGOP!

Andy at Residual Forces challenges my centricalness with a post Centrist my Arse. He concludes:
This whole thing by Jeffers is an attention grabbing scheme, and lefties like Flash will be shouting this from the roof tops.
To imply that this is just some sort of strong arming by Carey and the Republicans is just plain Leftristic.
So lets look at some others who, by Andy's definition must also be 'Leftristic':

Tracy at Strib Forevah:
Sue Jeffers took our advice and decided to challenge Tim Pawlenty for the Republican endorsement for Governor. Good going Sue! Unfortunately the MN Republican party is run by assholes.
kb of SCSU Scholars in the comments:
Let Jeffers come and let her speak, and then let her hear how Pawlenty's view is the right view for Minnesotans. You DO think he'd clean her clock, right?
And there is Tony from 'Always Right, Usually Correct' who shared his frustration with the MNGOP a few weeks ago. He seems to share similar concerns in the same comment thread above,
If the GOP were interested in anything more than power/control (and I doubt they are) they would seek to find the best candidate/person/representative in every race. Instead they shut down competition in the Senate race, are on the verge of accepting an immoral girl in the 6th and blindly rally behind a Governor that has, to use the GOP vernacular, flip-flopped on nearly every major plank of his own campaign platform.

Good luck in 2006. Fighting to keep Jeffers from speaking at the convention will look incredibly negative. And I have a feeling that is something that the Strib & Press will jump all over. Fighting to let her speak will push Pawlenty to the right again.
He also laid it out in his most recent Podcast (yes I listened to it. About 6 minutes).

I have no dog in this fight, I merely pointed out the spiraling collapse of a power hungry party. The MNDFL has similar issues, but hasn't resorted to exclusionary tactics . . . . . yet!


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