Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Full Disclosure

Polinaut has a request of local bloggers:
Now that the FEC has decided not to treat bloggers as potential independent expenditures and allow them the freedom to say what they want and do what they want, perhaps it's safe to answer these questions.
So I did! Here are my answers:
-1- Are you paid in any way by a campaign or candidate?
No. This is a public stump for me to share my own views and visions. I have an ad free blog and have refused to become part of any group blog so as not to be tied to anyone else's viewpoints.
-2- Do you consult with campaign officials or party officials as to how the content on your site can be most beneficial to a particular candidate or party?
As part of any investigative or research process I have contacted campaigns for their views and input. But the content decisions are mine and mine alone.
-3- Are you as an individual paid by a campaign or affiliated with an organization or company that has as a client, a particular campaign or political party?
Definitely not, and if it ever happens I would presume I would either have Centrisity go dark, or would fully disclose such, prominently

There, are we clear now. Any more questions!


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