Wednesday, April 12, 2006

sans Team Work

(via Midtopia)
Truth Surfer points out that Republican Tax Committee member Rep. Lanning was unaware of the latest bribe the House GOP wants to dole out just before the election:
Kind of makes you wonder just who in the GOP lead MN House is making decisions. Why bother with representation if only a handful (at best) are calling the shots. We knew that the House Republican leadership has refused to reach across partisan lines to House Democrats but apparently that now extends to their own party's elected officials. Even those that serve on boards that vet tax issues! Tell me this doesn't stink of a desperation to be re-elected....
Great Plains View seems to echo what I have shared in the past regarding one time fiscal carrots on a stick:
While that might help some GOP lawmakers get re-elected, what practical purpose does that serve? The average person will shoot through $205 in a hurry and when the money's gone we're still stuck in the same boat.

Rather than pandering, let's get our state's services back up to par. Once we're on solid budget footing, we can address real tax relief.
The Right is scrambling to save face following a 2004 where they almost let the House slip away. This is their last shot to retain their fragile hold on political power in MN. And we all know what happens when a rabid animal is backed into a corner. They will stop at nothing to escape. We better keep a close eye on them.


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