Friday, April 28, 2006

MN-Governor; DFL Endorsement Battle

Both MNCR and Northern Debater are doing an excellent job in following the DFL gubernatorial endorsement battle. I have been pretty quiet on this topic as there isn't a candidate that has really shined brightly to me. In fact, Sue Jeffers is the one candidate that has peaked my interest more then the others. Hatch has been staying out of the mix, so most of the fireworks have been between the Kelly and Lourey camps.

Initially, Hatch looked in trouble when you considered anti-Hatch numbers to Hatch numbers. But over the last several weeks the bickering has been between the two anti-Hatch candidates. For me, I was leaning Kelley, but now I don't see a scenario where I could support him, the Molligator controversy being a biggy for me. Second, one would have thought that the Kelley-Lourey delegates would eventually joined forces and capture the nomination away from Hatch. But that appears more and more unlikely considering the animosity that has built up over the last few weeks.

What does this mean? I see that Hatch is looking more and more like a slam dunk. That he played it wise to lay low during this process, and that the most unbeatable ticket the Dems could put forward right now is a Hatch/Lourey one. There traveling together of late may even have given them the opportunity to mend fences and work towards the common good of the State.

But that's just me

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