Wednesday, April 19, 2006

AI - America's Songbook

Finally, a show I could kick back and enjoy. 6 of the 7 performances were all of a high quality. As for the 7th, I actually felt bad for Kellie.

Here's my quickie take, the order is based on my personal opinion of last night's performances only, not overall ranking:

1 - Taylor; Everything Simon said about Katharine should have been said about Taylor. He is in a league of his own and showed it once again last night

2 - Elliot; The only thing he is battling is his looks. But once again he showed last night he has the overall best vocals of all remaining contestants

3 - Chris; He gets bonus points for removing himself from his rocker image and showing he can nail an old standard as well as a hard rocking tune

4 - Paris; Paris was so very good tonight. The only reason she is sitting at 4 is simply because the others are better.

5 - Katharine; To be fair, I didn't know the song or care for it for that matter. I even said as much to my wife, that I 'think' she did pretty good but was distracted by the song choice. Again, she could be as high as #2 but the competition is heating up.

6 - Ace; Probably Ace's best performance of the competition, but that just shows he is not in the upper tier. Even at his best, he is lacking that of the upper top talents.

7 - Kellie; When Kellie made that first turn into the key change, and missed it totally by a half step I cringed. But then to have to put up with her singing the rest of the song like that was horrifying. She had an opportunity at the next turn to correct herself, but she couldn't pull it off. Not the sign of an American Idol. To her credit, I was impressed by her maturity and composure during the critique. She let slip out how bright and intelligent she really is, and only confirms her Country Bumpkin persona is nothing more then a schtick.

Bottom Three - Ace, Elliot, Kellie Dark Horse: Paris (Should be Katharine, but Simon saved her booty last night)

Going home - Ace has met the end; but I wouldn't be surprised to see Kellie go. Her performance last night was dreadful enough that there may not have been a flocking to the polls for her.

= = = =

DialIdol Rankings
(DialIdol guestimates results based on Busy Signal frequency)

1-3 Taylor Hicks 30.774 1.574 -
1-3 Elliott Yamin 30.29 1.579 -
1-3 Katharine 27.763 1.608 -
4-6 Kellie Pickler 27.188 1.614 -
4-6 Chris Daughtry 25.409 1.634 -
4-6 Paris Bennett 24.376 1.645 -
7 Ace Young 20.5 1.687 -

= = = =

As always, Bogus Doug has the best Idol coverage on the Net. Be sure to stop by.


UPDATE: DialIdol nails it. The Bottom three were Chris, Paris, and Ace, with Ace going home. Nice to see Elliott getting the vocal respect he deserves.

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