Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Spring Cleaning

I'm doing some sidebar cleanup, today

I added the conspicuously missing, yet must read North Star Politics along with Polinaut to the sidebar.

Unfortunately, I have removed Swiftee's E-Domicile due to its inactivity. Maybe if he stops by he can give us all an ETReturn. DFLBlog is also MIA

To bring some more balance to the Centrisity sidebar, I've started a Righty Tighties' section so I can have quick access to some of the National Righty blogs. And to make up for Swiftee's absence, you will find Always Right, Usually Correct added to my daily reading list. A refreshing Right side of the aisle location who doesn't continuously drum on with the latest RNC meme's that can make most of the other far Right sites quite dry.

I'm also including Rambix and the Red Star for their partisan take on Crime in the metro and their feeble attempts to pin it all on Amy. Someone's gotta keep an eye on them *grin* (see, Swiftee, it took two blogs to make up for you)

And finally, in the 'How could I keep forgetting to add this link' category. The most important addition of all. It is in the 'My Other Interests' section:

MN Beer!

That should do for now.

(Speaking of Beer, it is the second Friday of the month this week.)

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