Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Hillary Troubles?

Joe Gamdleman of The Moderate Voice shares "Nomination Problems For Hillary Clinton?" I've been pretty clear on where I stand with regards to a Hillary candidacy (11/2004):
For me, I'll go on the record. I can't think of a single scenario where I would vote for Hillary Clinton.
And it seems that I am not alone.
Are Democrats starting to feel afraid of nominating Hillary Clinton because she is perceived as too polarizing and too risky? According to this report, the answer is yes
From that Link:
Democrats are so intent on winning the White House in 2008 they may be afraid to nominate Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., several top pollsters conclude.

Convinced that Clinton is too divisive to win a general election, many Democrats are looking for a candidate with more crossover appeal, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Sunday.
Which is exactly where I am at. It is not about how good of a President Senator Clinton would be. It is about how distracting the campaign would become as the Right would have a variety of opportunities to distract the electorate with their Smear Boat tactics. I have a feeling that the Left will slowly begin to realize that they can not afford to put forth such a polarizing figure, and that one of the several other competent and qualified Democratic leaders will emerge as their best hope for reclaiming the White House.


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