Monday, April 24, 2006


OK, so one of the stories brewing over the weekend was the fledgling GOP Gubernatorial Campaign of Sue (Stub and Herbs) Jeffers and her attempt to get access to the GOP delegate list in order to pursue the nomination. Now, I don't even believe she thinks she has a legitimate shot at the nomination. But she should have a reasonable expectation to what should be an open process. Her conservative cred is clear, both fiscally and regarding the restrictions of property rights. But the State GOP is blowing her off:
She faces just one big obstacle: Top party officials say Jeffers is not a real Republican and are blocking her attempts to participate in the process.
Carey said the party's executive committee will not provide Jeffers with the lists of some 1,500 recently elected state convention delegates, an essential tool for organizing an endorsement campaign.
The MN GOP is in rough electoral shape, and why they would want the negative press that goes along with their persistence in anointing candidates and demanding unity, rather then having the body selecting their nominees and uniting behind them seems backwards. I have already seen buyers remorse with Mark Kennedy after pushing Grams and Gutknecht off the cliff to clear the path for Mark. Here was an opportunity for the Party Leadership to show they are the party of inclusion rather then exclusion and simply allow Jeffers her moment to express the frustration probably shared by many within the party. Instead they are pushing her aside, and we may see this disenfranchisement fester throughout the campaign.

What sparked me on this issue was a message sent to the Minnesota Political Discussion forum this AM. In part:
It has now come out that Ron Carey has refused her access to the GOP's state delegate list, even though she is seeking the GOP endorsement. The GOP has an incumbent governor, and conventional wisdom dictates you stick with that, but the republican party claims to be built on open, inclusive and democratic (small d) principles. Not only has Carey refused Sue Jeffers access to the delegates list, but he's suggested changing the rules of the state convention to block her even entering!!!
The writers adds this at the end:
Any republican delegates or alternates who believe as I do that it is up to the delegates of the convention to decide who to endorse, and not one man (Ron Carey), contact me. I'd like to begin organizing a walking caucus ahead of the convention.
I am totally undecided on this year's Governors race. So much so that I am looking at all candidates from all party's. Jeffers will be getting an extra look from me.


UPDATE: I admitted I was late to the ball on this. I stumbled across this post with some interesting comments.

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