Wednesday, May 31, 2006

TPaw to announce, FINALLY-UPDATE

So the Governor has made up his mind, we think anyway. The STRIB is reporting that TPaw and the Lt. Gov. will be officially announcing their re-election bid. MNGOPWatch does a nice job of detailing why any rational person may be unsure of the Governor's true intentions. But he'll hide behind the party and focus on November, and leave us in the lurch should political winds begin to blow in his favor. Of course, once he looses he may regret this decision. And if the GOP Smear machine is successful in deceiving the electorate once again, citizens need to realize a vote for TPaw is really a vote for Molnau as the next Governor.

As for his radio show, even-though 'The Good neighbor' stated that once the Governor announced, they would discontinue to the show, they will give him another month of free campaign advertising:
Pawlenty's office and WCCO Radio announced jointly Tuesday that the governor's weekly radio show, "Good Morning Minnesota," will be suspended after the June 30 broadcast.
I look forward to the full gamut of Gubernatorial candidates to get their equal time during that month of June.


UPDATE: So the Governor makes it official, and then some:
Tamping down speculation he has his sights set on Washington, Gov. Tim Pawlenty launched his re-election campaign today with a promise to stay in Minnesota for a full term.

"If I run for governor and win I will serve out my term for four years," he said at a park in Eagan, a suburb of St. Paul.
Now, the Governor has made promises before, like his Taxpayers League Pledge, and we all know how that turned out. But he has learned from his experiences.
Pawlenty said he won't renew the tax pledge even though he still embraces the philosophy.

"I'm not going to sign any pledges for any interest group for any reason," he said, adding that the Taxpayers League pledge has become a distraction.
Probably the smartest thing he has said since he became Governor.


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